BC Liberals another swipe at teachers… 

The government wants teachers to be “accountable” for their activities on Pro D days. Fair enough, I suppose, but one has to wonder why it takes legislation in the newly introduced form to do this.
The new legislation simply creates a two-year consultation process with the BCTF  to come up with some ground rules. But why not establish the rules and guidelines first, and then put them in legislation? Doing it this way simply pokes teachers in the eye needlessly and implies Pro D day privileges are somehow being abused (which teachers vociferously deny).
But the fuss over Pro D days is window dressing compared to the real meat of Bill 11, which amends the School Act to give the education minister far more authority over how school boards opt to spend money.
Bill 11 will allow the minister to effectively force school boards into “shared service” funding arrangements with other school boards and other public entities,  such as health authorities and municipal governments.

– See more at: http://www.burnabynow.com/opinion/columnists/liberals-take-another-swipe-at-b-c-s-teachers-1.1808919#sthash.re5l0yRx.MXDfILKM.dpuf



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