Devilish Gov plan to impoverish #bced – Vancouver Sun. 

Such shameless disregard for the people of BC, especially kids. BCTF members, who are challenged in these complicated times, should not have defend children’s futures from their own government regardless of political stripe! Recent Bill11 is just another indication of malice as echoed in Bramham’s column. They have no mandate for the changes forced on schools-students, teachers and even elected Boards. Parents are confused and naturally worries the system that has such a good reputation of professionalism is amid reforms they never asked for. Tyranny starts by removing rights of citizens- teachers or not. Eroding public education, whether a photocopy of failed USA reforms or not, is a ruse with such careless motives or supreme incompetence. After Clark’s and Fassbender’s ‘historic’ teacher agreement, the blatant deceit is obvious. People, especially families, should be outraged because apparently only elite deserve a quality education. -Al Smith

A blunt reading of the B.C. government’s plan for public education is this: Impoverish it, neuter critics (including teachers and elected school trustees) and centralize control.
Once control is centralized, the blueprint seems to be to move to the American model where public school funding and teachers’ pay are linked more closely to students’ test scores.
The impoverishment part is well underway and the benignly named education amendment act introduced this week is devilishly full of details to get the rest done.(Bramham )


The B.C. Liberals, including Premier Christy Clark and Education Minister Peter Fassbender, seem intent on impoverishing the province’s public schools, writes Daphne Bramham. File photo.


Bramham, D. “Daphne Bramham: B.C. Continues Its Massive Restructuring of Public Education.” Daphne Bramham: B.C. Continues Its Massive Restructuring of Public Education. Vancouver Sun. Web. 29 Mar. 2015. <;.

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