Christy ham handed…

From my perspective, the Premier has been dropping the ball for over a decade. As a MLA, early on, she developed fans with her media charm but also policy enemies who didn’t like style over substance. After being handed off as education minister, she promptly pushed legislation that even offended the BC Supreme Court. If she was on my baseball team, I’d be struggling to find a position for her because she always ‘boots’ the ball.

Charlie Smith of the Straight, writes about some recent political fumbling by Christy Clark and her Cabinet. Although he is on point, it has been so apparent for years her policy finesse doesn’t match her media smile. Even her jokes anger people. I don’t see a recall or a leadership review any time soon. Although the BC Liberals were unsure of Clark’s suitability, they have kept criticism to themselves so far. Christy’s Ministers seem to have some fumble fingers too.  Despite their ineffective governance and damaging legislation, I sadly don’t see people uprising. BC voters need to wake up and participate more. It takes a great deal of collective criticism to push back against inept Governments. We seem to vote them back even when they don’t deserve it. The ‘devil you know’ thinking is just so- 90’s. The Clark government is just a bunch of ‘bad news bears’! – Al Smith

Sooner or later, a majority of B.C. voters will recognize they’re being led by someone who often puts politics ahead of what’s the best public policy. And when that realization sets in, expect a movement to arise within the B.C. Liberal party to get rid of her.(Smith, Straight)




Smith, CHarlie. “Christy Clark in Losing Streak with Ham-handed Approach to Transit, Treaties, Liquor Reforms, and Municipal Oversight.” Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly. 27 Mar. 2015. Web. 28 Mar. 2015. <;.

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