Champions for public education? VSB #bced -Sun

It’s March Madness! And that means it’s School Board budget time again! Madness indeed. Like a championship game ruined by a corrupt referee, BC students, teachers and parents have been lied to!

And the Vancouver school board is once again leading the fight by giving written notice to Education Minister Peter Fassbender that this will result in a deficit of $15 million for the Vancouver school district. His response? To appoint a “special adviser” to take “an objective hard look” at the board’s budget. It’s an instant replay of 2010.
Yes, other school boards are equally upset about this latest yearly demand for more “savings” as well, but the minister is quick to point out that no other school district has stated in writing that they can’t balance their budgets. Well, no, of course they haven’t. As in the case of VSB, all that would get them would be a provincially appointed bean counter armed with a slash-and-burn mandate.
And why do Fassbender and Co. want $29 million from school districts? Is it a coincidence the grant to private schools is to be increased by $30 million? Of course private schools have a parliamentary secretary to represent their interests, don’t they?
Wouldn’t it be great if public schools had a champion too? Oh, yes, that’s supposed to be the education minister, isn’t it.( Vancouver Sun) 


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