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BC Liberals another swipe at teachers… The government wants teachers to be “accountable” for their activities on Pro D days. Fair enough, I suppose, but one has to wonder why it takes legislation in the newly introduced form to do this.The new legislation simply creates … Continue reading

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The cure for childhood obesity parents will hate

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Motivational Monday…

Originally posted on The Burned Hand:
Hello there, it’s me.  Your friendly guide to getting the most out of your Monday.  Today I am going to share a little video a friend of mine put together.  Be warned…I don’t know…

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Devilish Gov plan to impoverish #bced – Vancouver Sun. 

Such shameless disregard for the people of BC, especially kids. BCTF members, who are challenged in these complicated times, should not have defend children’s futures from their own government regardless of political stripe! Recent Bill11 is just another indication of … Continue reading

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Christy ham handed…

From my perspective, the Premier has been dropping the ball for over a decade. As a MLA, early on, she developed fans with her media charm but also policy enemies who didn’t like style over substance. After being handed off … Continue reading

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Canada’s Largest communication com manipulating news coverage? -Blais Independence and freedom of the press is vital for civility and protection of Canadian’s rights. If the allegation proves true, what is their consequence? We know the cost to the public. The allegation, however, that the largest communication company … Continue reading

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‘Some stories too true to tell’ – roots of the fifth estate -when Monica Lewinsky buried the real story

The Clinton-Lewinsky story is back with Monica’s TedTalk.  It’s shameful we still have interest in that damn tale because there is so much fertile ground for social-political oversight that begs for investigation.  The fifth estate may have died with the infamous intern’s … Continue reading

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