I don’t shop at Walmart- for evil practices of Billionaires

Every day, the Waltons collect $8.5 million in Walmart dividends.

Walmart workers helped the Waltons build that fortune, but many of them have to support themselves with food stamps and food drives.

( Weber)


Just for the record, I’ve NEVER set foot in Walmart- I mean zero, never! Why? Because years ago before my community got a Walmart store, I found out their own employees had a class action suit against Walmart, their employer, for stealing small increments of money off every paycheck. As well. They were found to place in policy, unfair labour practice, on the part of managers so they could acquire lucrative bonuses. This company is the last thing we need. The spiritual cost to everyone, just so we can buy cheap TShirts etc is far too high. – Al Smith.


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