Welcome to Winnipeg, where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst..


Thanks to my courageous and loving colleague for reminding me.  Clearly Winnipeg isn’t the only jurisdiction that deserves retribution.  We all need to look in the mirror!

Complex answer obviously but why do we, after many global stories of racial and social inequalities , do we still think it isn’t US? We need to be more vocal and activist with our own people, governments and corporate citizens. It’s simply intolerable that we support injustice in Syria or Wherever, and still act blind to our own sins. My Grandfather admits it, my mother frets about it and my children resent it. Canada is a lens that now illuminates hypocrisy and it’s time to end it.
Just removing Mr. Harper isn’t enough. PC and Liberals before them didn’t do enough to reclaim some higher ground. We spend millions to assist coalitions halfway around the globe but continue to ignore the crimes and deceit in our own yard. We cannot solve everything at once but at least provide the average person with some hope by attacking the repetitive wrongs our society propagates! Like domestic violence and continuous policies of misogyny, evils committed to each other in 2015, must be abated at all costs! Like the abuse against the environment, it’s so overdue that people and agents of power in Canada, act now to address the inhumane choices we all make. I may not conscientiously offend First Nations people or cause pain to women directly or injure the environment purposely, but like all of us, I commit harms by not fighting for alternatives.
In an act of oversimplification, I politically oppose Mr Harper’s and Mrs. Clark’s Governments but my dis fane must be channeled in multiple arenas. I must try to defend my family and my fellow citizens against this insane New World Order thinking that my heart and mind affirm daily is flat-out wrong! Let’s all not close our eyes to global injustices, but refocus ourselves to making humanity better now, here at home, where Canada can again shine some hope. We don’t need impotent Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. We need some tangible actions of good faith. Some good Faith might also be far overdue .
-Al Smith, Kelowna BC

This was so hard to get through. It paints a very different picture than what we know of in the west.

Please take the time to read.



UclueletOrcas- thanks to Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ. -© Al Smith CCNCSA

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