My submission to Canadian Geographic’s bird contest- the loon.

The Common Loon may be as common to Canadians as the snowy winter but it’s paramount uniqueness in the geographic realms of Canada, west or east, make it a perfect candidate for the nation’s bird. Whether the bird’s mystical haunting calls, that penetrate our soul in the wild or cottage country, the loon’s distinctive striking silhouette on our waterways has a legacy in this place.
One way or another Canada’s waterways and remote lands are connected with the loon. Like our expansive geography and our diverse people’s history, the loon is known everywhere and symbolizes our special character.
Witnessing the loon’s mystical shape as it dives deep in cold clear water or watching it’s long noisy takeoff defeating gravity, or it’s graceful flight around and around a lake, this waterfowl reminds Canadians of grace, effort and imagination.
The common loon isn’t so much common as it is uniquely representative of our character. The loon is part of our historic culture, our national mythologies and our environmental duty. The common loon is in our national consciousness.
– Al Smith, Kelowna Bc.


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