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Apple growing massive, even after Jobs…

Staggering numbers from a computer company that was declared dead more than once. Apple’s revenue grew by more last quarter than all the revenue Starbucks earned last year. Apple lost more revenue to currency fluctuations than Microsoft made from its … Continue reading

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Welcome to Winnipeg, where Canada’s racism problem is at its worst.. Thanks to my courageous and loving colleague for reminding me.  Clearly Winnipeg isn’t the only jurisdiction that deserves retribution.  We all need to look in the mirror! Complex answer obviously but why do we, after many global stories of racial … Continue reading

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Essay on beauty – Sontag

The perennial tendency to make of beauty itself a binary concept, to split it up into “inner” and “outer,” “higher” and “lower” beauty, is the usual way that judgments of the beautiful are colonized by moral judgments. Beauty is part … Continue reading

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So you packed your canoe, left a good man, gave away that puppy, you’d given to those good boys, those sweet little boys, and rowed off to find yourself on a river of their tears. I hope…

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Igniting Inquiry with Think, Puzzle, and Explore

Themes like sustainability are so powerful because they enable deeper thinking. Like any ‘big question’ topic, inquiry can be enriched. thanks

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Yup, it’s winter..

___________ Schultz, Charles. A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS. 12/09/1965. ABC / Peanuts Worldwide & United Media. TV. 01/28/2015.

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Corporate Greed + Conservative Right Wing Parties = Marginalization of the Majority

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    BY: Peter Pagliocchini ? My undergraduate degree was in History with a minor in Political Science.  Through the study of these two disciplines I never ceased to marvel at the repetitious nature of human…

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