Golf opens Christy’s door while not with teachers..

This kind of fundraising ( lobbying) for BC Liberals ( and others ) has become the norm these days. Let’s all get real and understand it’s lobbying in golf clothing!
The opportunities for acces to Governments, even after elections, is blatant hubris not charity. As a taxpayer, I’m offended when average working people, like the BC teachers, can’t get dialogue with Government; yet, cash can get you a round of golf and an morning to ‘chat’!


“Too cozy, no transparency-
“It becomes too cozy,” said Travis, who noted it can be difficult for people or organizations who can’t pay the entrance price to get time with the premier or cabinet minister. “It becomes an incestuous relationship where you have lobbyists with files before the government organizing fundraisers for the party that’s in power and selling tickets to their clients.”(McLeod)

MacLeod, Andrew. Tyee. 22 Sep 2014,

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