Can more education solve Canada’s income inequality problem? | Broadbent Institute

Disconcerting. The values Canadians hold for education is no longer an assurance of improved standard of living. The implicit merits of an education are obvious but the pragmatic assumption if a career is perhaps just a myth not a reality? The 1% rich elite getting richer is a very sad reality for the goal of maintaining a progressive democracy. Inching closer and closer to feudalism.

There are many ‘non-economic’ reasons to be in favour of improved education – not least of which is the impact of education on quality of life. But even if improving educational attainment reduced inequality of opportunity between the disadvantaged and the middle class and reduced wage differences within the middle class (e.g. the university/high school average wage ratio), this does not directly imply better fortunes for the rate of average income growth of the bottom 99%. –

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