Too early for supporters of #bced

“…In the immediate aftermath of the public school strike both government and teachers will want to claim victory. While credit goes to teacher unity, solidarity across unions, and community support, now is too early for supporters of public education to celebrate.

That’s because the BC Liberals have revealed a larger agenda that’s aimed at undermining public education over the long term. The future of public education in B.C. remains an open question, and it’s up to us to close the final chapter on any privatization schemes that the BC Liberals have planned for our schools.

Faced with a government that appears to want for-profit special interest education in place of public education for all, we need to keep looking out for the “3 D’s” of privatization: Devalue, defund, and dismantle. (And we need to also watch out for the code words of “choice” and “control” – words that are meant to hide the privatization agenda in softer language that’s easier to swallow.)…” ( Tyee)

Al Smith @literateowl


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