Optics over substance- not just teacher dispute

It’s pretty clear BC Libs are about optics not true Governance! It’s not just union busting teachers. Look around the province and you will find discontent and Government deception. They rarely have followed, in any real way, or have abruptly contradicted any statement from their election platform.

“…The advertising agency behind the BC Liberal government’s $335,000 online campaign against the striking B.C. Teachers’ Federation is the same company that designed the party’s logo, and its founder boasts a long association with Premier Christy Clark.

BCParentInfo.ca is a U.S.-hosted website that carries the government’s side in the dispute with public school teachers, including news releases and statements from Education Minister Peter Fassbender. It also includes a link to the online form for parents seeking the government’s $40-a-day compensation plan. The Ministry of Education confirmed the advertising and design contractor is Kimbo Design Inc. of Vancouver. The contract was not publicly tendered…”(Tyee)

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