Nuts and Bolts of the BC Ed Dispute

Thx well done. I’m sad to say, I think you and most others were misled by our optimism and faith in common sense. Like other regimes such as Harper, Bush or Reagan, a strict ideological world view of entitlement is at work here. Great chart! Take care.

Thinking Out Loud

I’ve had my hopes up several times since this dispute ramped up. Back in June, I thought for sure that an overwhelming “YES” vote to escalate jobs action would convince the government to negotiate in good faith. They came off their ten year mandate and offered a signing incentive and I hoped that things would continue to progress.

I never imagined that the Liberals would try to weasel out of court judgements with our contract or that they would offer Public Education Funds as a bribe to families.I never imagined that I would still be out of my classroom, holding the line, becoming more and more sick about the way that B.C. is governed.

I can honestly say, this is truly a time of hardship. Not just for me personally or for all the other teachers and CUPE members suffering massive financial hardships, and not just for students, and parents, but for every person who cares about democracy…

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