Rich got richer-no one else did… USFed Study

This tune is getting so old… Urrrgg the reality of class system is here as cold as steel. How can a people grow when a dead capitalism and a torn social contract flourish in a dysfunctional democracy – worldwide?

How do people make civilized change to social policy that is blatantly not very civil? Do we need another violent eruption like England, France, or Russia? Surely the 21stC can find a just society again? It’s pretty clear a well supported public education is part of any rebirth because it impacts a broad base of humanity. Having a few smart kids well educated in private schools will not generate enough collective innovation and problem-solving that banged up planet needs.

We all don’t live in the world that the web or a TV reflect back. When will we learn to not just be spectators in our participatory democracy? -Al Smith


Rich got richer in last 3 years, but no one else did
Fed study of U.S. incomes finds median earnings down for low and middle-income Americans
10:23 AM ET
The Associated Press
The richest 10 per cent of Americans were the only group whose median incomes rose in the past three years, the Federal Reserve said Thursday in a report on consumer finances….


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