‘Me too’ clauses- BCFedp


“… The so-called wage “pattern” is clearly flexible. In this round of bargaining two other sectors settled for significantly more than the base of 5.5 percent over five years. In addition, the government produced a document titled “Working Together for Students” which shows when the teachers entered bargaining this year they were a full two percent behind the “average public sector” settlement over the last decade. Why is that not considered part of the “pattern” for settlement?
Trade unions in British Columbia stand united with teachers and support the fight of teachers to get a fair contract including wage increases (B.C. teachers are among the lowest paid in Canada) and class size and composition funding that was removed illegally by the Liberal government in 2002. The B.C. Federation of Labour and its affiliates are holding rallies around the province. I urge you to show up and demonstrate your solidarity with teachers and the fight for quality public education….”(Sinclair)


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