Assault on Public Education in BC just late into the game

BC Liberals are dismantling public education as part of a plan. When Gordon Campbell and many conservatives hijacked the core party and the name ‘ Liberal’ I knew there was a shrewd strategy going on- capture the vote of the political centre while implementing the ‘fascist’ sentiment of many far right conservatives. They out maneuvered even the BC Conservatives and outnumbered the NDP. Our polarized politics was full swing and public services were the target. Education has been the bulls-eye. As Klein explains in her book, Shock Doctrine, this political strategy to rollback democracy with deceptions and/or disasters has previously been effective in other institutions. Beautiful British Columbia is just late into the game.

Terrific overview and assessment of the BC education conflict. Policy NOT practice is why BC Liberals are dismantling public education and demonizing teachers . BC teachers are not fooled by catch phrases, propaganda and outright lies. They can read through the dogma and know privatizing schools province wide would create a class society. Too bad the people of BC don’t want social re-engineering. Even Christy Clark was defeated in her own riding because her constituents saw through her motives. Unfortunately the people of West Kelowna didn’t recognize or support her neocon agenda. Sadly, USA states that have previously made the revolution find schools are a disaster- or public schools are barely breathing. This re-engineering has seen two tier schools and a growing illiteracy rates among the poor and working class. In BC, even the disadvantages ( and disabled) have been nurtured and truly educated largely due to superior skills and effort of public school teachers. The affluent of our society can and will look after their own interests. They can afford to operate independent ( private) schools but why should working people and the poor subsidize this. Elite school ‘welfare’ is simply a way of redistributing wealth back toward the already wealthy. The fair method of tax overhead was the successful model we owned in 2000.

With a heavy heart for our future students, the tipping point has started so the people need to demand our Government honour their values before it’s too late. Luke article below, outlines my worries very well.

“…Layoffs at the Ministry of Education effectively reduced the Ministry’s scope of work. But an education system does not reform itself. You still need some employees to get the work done. And so through a series of existing and newly created societies the heavy lifting of selling school reform was moved off the Ministry’s books and the funding tap was turned on.
Year-over-year government shoveled millions into “education partners” who promoted some aspect of their school choice agenda beyond the reach of freedom of information requests. Notably, these groups tasked with improving student performance, including the now defunct BC Education Leadership Council (BCELC) and gullible ally the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), did not include teachers.
Teachers were cast as an obstacle to better schools — archaic minions who could be replaced by new and innovative systems like distributed learning, a rebranding of distance education that requires far fewer teachers, and fewer schools for that matter. As for the public, the Liberals quickly took to haranguing anyone who disagreed. Those who wrote letters to the editor were either opposition party hacks (gak) or worse — teacher apologists (gasp!)….(Luke,

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