Why I am on strike..

Although the Government initiated a Lockout, changed conditions that actually hurt students and cut teacher wages for volunteer work exercised ‘during’ their Job Action, a fair deal was still possible in June. Teachers desire far more than wages! They want contractual language that will ensure our society holds up an obligation to serve children.
The #bced issue is not just about money but mostly about commitment. It’s about our own Government making a sincere effort to work toward good governance and following the spirit of our Courts of Law. It’s about building public education not tearing it apart. .
It’s a far larger concern than my union’s mandate to help it’s BCTF members or the BC Liberals desire to showcase it’s ideology. It’s about democracy.
Elections do not entitle every governing party to arrogantly disregard the Courts or the diverse sentiments of the people. Good government and leadership doesn’t include strong arming one demographic and favouring an other at any cost.
Public education is as vital as health care and policing etc. Free quality education serves everyone including the rights of children not yet born. I am a career teacher in service for the long haul not a fast buck. I don’t punch out at 4 and forget my job. I work most evenings for hours. I take my task very seriously and validate the trust parents give me when sending their children to me each day. Demanding a fair deal is far more than a fair wage increase.

A letter from a Prince George teacher articulates my belief far better than I could.

“Why I am on strike”

I became a teacher because every day I heard things like “I’m not strong in math,” or “I’m not a good reader.” It is acceptable in our society to graduate high school with below average math and reading skills. I do not accept this! I refuse to accept this! I am striking because if your child needs more support to understand mainstream public curriculum, I want them to get that support. You want the very best that you can give your child. As your child’s teacher, I want the very best that I can give your child. …

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