Julie Cavanagh: Common Core Was Designed to Fail Kids

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In as sharp a summary as I have read, Julie Cavanaugh explains what’s wrong with Common Core. Julie is a teacher of special education in a poor neighborhood in Néw York City.

She writes that Common Core and its tests were designed to create a narrative of failure. They divert billions to testing companies and consultants that should be spent directly to help children.

She writes about the latest state test scores, which showed that 2/3 of students were not “proficient.” Only 2.6% of English learners, only 5% os students with special needs and less than 20% of the state’s black and Hispanic met the state’s unreasonable standard in reading:

“It is no surprise that the results mirror the struggles and deep flaws in our society. Of course, the goal was never to actually fix our schools — there are no profits in doing that. There are no profits in…

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