Compromise is a two-way street

Opinion: J Sinclair

“Ironically, it was Christy Clark, then education minister, who engineered the illegal contract stripping, to save money. An email from her staff in 2001 laid out the plan and the consequences in black and white: “The budget now shows a projected reduction of 6,300 FTEs. We also agree there will be noticeable service reductions and alterations as a result of the downsizing. Parents are apt to notice significant reductions in service levels.”

How much was the government going to save from firing teachers and increasing class size? The Treasury Board pegged the savings at $275 million per year (in 2001 dollars) in a memo entitled Fiscal Implications of Proposed Legislative Changes. This figure was later confirmed in court testimony by government officials.(Vancouver Sun)

From Al Smith – @literateowl


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