Hypocrisy of B.C. student assessment obvious.

Thank you to all my friends, family and followers for sharing the news reports the past few weeks. Kinda crazy how we get all this ‘accountability’ and ‘assessment’ demands from the ‘educators'( management) but when it suits them they can dumb down the devices and principles we are ordered to apply every day.  Almost all my colleagues ‘worked’ for hours, without pay just to catch any ‘admin grades’ that might be unfair to students. In fairness, these hours were invoiced to the SD23, as instructed but I find it interesting they continue to2282734669_596c7822ee_z cut 10% off our June pay. As a result of teachers ‘job action’ boycotting staff meetings (and other bureaucratic tasks) and LOCKED OUT of helping kids before school, LUNCH HOUR, and after school, marking papers and assessment tasks were to be done on our own time!   When the pressure of exams in high school was on, they changed the rules and standards to help administrators. The hypocrisy of assessment is now glaringly obvious.  Teachers drink the koolaid, as part of being cooperative all year yet now the expectations have changed.  Either way, the BC Government doesn’t how high schools operate or they are as cynical as the hardcore protestors claim.  It is clear to me that too many #bced Ministry personnel and School Board managers,whether deliberate or unconscious, think student assessment is to make teachers accountable not measure learning.

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Thousands of B.C. students will not be getting report cards this year and provincial exams are being modified to make them easier to mark as teachers begin the second week of their full strike.



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