Teachers not just for students and their colleagues…

Where has the money gone? Some families and auxiliary jobs like bus drivers, custodians, etc are impacted even financially. We are saddened.

Don’t think the teachers aren’t aware of impact on kids, families and other jobs like CUPE. The fight isn’t even about our (tch) money anymore, we are negTive and will never personally catchup, it’s about due process and justice for children not born yet. A line has to be drawn before services to our kids becomes gangrene and we need cut off the limb. How much do we want a fair society? Who is next if any union or worker group can be steamrolled in exchange for corp tax breaks and privileges. Talk to anyone working with oil patch management they will tell you that their assets are overseas. They don’t even own property here to save taxes. The rich now are global tax shelter shopping like we look for flyers. Teachers and all middle kvass have been over paying their share for decade. Bash all you want but BC teachers already paid for the services of the past decade + taxes. Even private school ( BC euphemism is independent schools ) patrons get our subsidy (55%) we all pay an extra tuition.



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