So, is our ‘social contract’ broken Tony?

A colleague writes about education and concern over costs. Are we at a point of old Europe where we let all the chips fall and survival of the fittest rules? It sure is feeling that way. Just as African-Americans still fight for fairness, not in law but in social contract-The agreement to help build a base of well being and not let the meek or weak suffer. I think a shift is afloat and it’s not subversive or quiet anymore. The neocon agenda to deregulate everything and shift wealth back to the entitled is already on third base. Free and open quality public education is not a dream. It was here in BC and working. There are many wealthy people driving BMWs around who came from poor beginnings. They rose upward and were mobile because of teachers not birth right or entitled access.

“The public invests in public education. These investments are made in the form of our taxes. We then hire and pay teachers to do the work required to realize a return on our investment, which is paid back in the form of ample public benefits that include greater economic strength, increased social equality, and improved community health. We support public education because it’s a worthwhile investment. We pay teachers a fair and competitive salary because qualified, skilled, and committed educators are an essential ingredient to realize the outcomes we need from public education.” – Sodaro via Facebook

Thanks Tony!


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