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So, is our ‘social contract’ broken Tony?

A colleague writes about education and concern over costs. Are we at a point of old Europe where we let all the chips fall and survival of the fittest rules? It sure is feeling that way. Just as African-Americans still … Continue reading

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The Shocking Truth about Class Size and Composition in BC Public Schools | Mom Paradigm ~ the world between naps

REBLOG from momparadigm.com http://www.momparadigm.com/2014/06/class-size-and-composition-in-bc-public-schools/ Can you imagine being in a Chemistry 12 class that has 36 students in it with some kids having to sit on counters and/or sinks for the duration of their semester? Or how about a Grade … Continue reading

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Teachers not just for students and their colleagues…

Where has the money gone? Some families and auxiliary jobs like bus drivers, custodians, etc are impacted even financially. We are saddened. Don’t think the teachers aren’t aware of impact on kids, families and other jobs like CUPE. The fight … Continue reading

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