Those Who Can? Teach -Peter Mansbridge

Fascinating yet disturbing that Ontario and BC, ‘have’ provinces both battle against their public servants and now teachers- again. I his column, Mansbridge outlines his distaste for all the teacher bashing- a stereotyped almost slanderous charicature of professionals who are assigned a daunting task with little respect from the press or politicians.

But my goodness, the things some people say about teachers. Based on what I hear on radio talk shows, and comments on the internet, there are way too many people who truly believe that teachers are grossly overpaid and under-worked.

What a strange attitude. Never mind that teachers are grooming the next generation of Canadians, the ones who will grow up to support our pensions in our old age. Maybe we can’t think big-picture. The little-picture is pretty simple. Teachers are grooming our children. Yours and mine. Do we really want to trust the most precious parts of our lives to underpaid and overworked drones? (Mansbridge/

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