A day in the life of a B.C. teacher

Collection of tasks, times and regulations for a teacher in BC. In all honesty however, I think even the admission of extra tasks outside if class, however fair, is in reality, still to lean. The amount of time spent doing bureaucratic tasks is huge. The time spent working with clubs, tutoring etc is substantially more per week than the Sun reports. This common lack of recognition does grate on people. The kids ( and patents know) but the public often whines about labour strive and vacation time and ‘short day’ etc, when in fact, BC teachers have been providing world class value. I might add that I believe the entire standard of working conditions and compensation in the private sector has degraded significantly since the heady days of Iron Curtain coming down. That freedom, ironically was the beginning attack on working people and labour unions. It hasn’t helped anyone but huge corporations like Walmart and greedy crooked investors in Wall Street. The BC teacher job action is a valiant effort to seek what is fair perhaps even a process to remind BC that people and children deserve better governance.

At 8:20 we had 108 Ss. #bced #sd23ed is essentially now 24/7 My job is beyond 9-3:15!


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