Hear it For Moms – Courier

As written in the May 10 Kelowna Daily Courier Op page, Jon Manchester, Editor, outlines some major flaws in how Canada has addresed gender equality. I concur.

” Sadly, in an annual global ranking conducted last fall, Canada ranked a lowly 20th….we were beat out by Philippines, Lesotho… the gender wage gap has worsened, according to the World Economic Forum report…”( Manchester)

Even as women outnumber males in professions like teaching and receive equitable salaries/benefits, our governments have these professionals under attack. A pregnant Peru woman and her Canadian husband are experience bewilderment and anguish as the BC Governemnt refuses to cover medical and Canada’s New Government won’t process her residency application. It’s time Canada actually modernized itself, shed old social models and balanced fair work for fair compensation and indeed, gave Mothers some credit where it really counts. Respect.

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