Shannon Gormley: Canada’s war on experts is unique

I studied this pattern for some time and thought I was just becoming a jaded ‘liberal’ but many respected citizens of all political colours are now announcing an alarm. I’m agitated that it has taken so long and consensus didn’t see this inevitability sooner. Critical analysis and a vibrant public voice is always needed to maintain our unique federal democracy but we have become quiet or silenced by the drone of pop culture and the Muzak from boardrooms.
Harper’s ‘Canada’s New Government’ is indeed new- dangerously new. Our institutions that provide voice and over site are being dismantled or ridiculed by the PM. It’s shameful, whether ignorance or nefariously motivated, that our elected government has become so arrogant. Worse than the Grits ‘sponsorship scandal’ because it seems architected in ideology. It’s time we find new constitutional leadership and not just in Ottawa.

Having accused the chief justice of being unethical, the chief electoral officer of being money and power hungry, a former auditor general of being a self-proclaimed expert, the head of the RCMP Public Complaints Commission of being a paper-pusher, and the subsequently fired head of the Military Police Complaints Commission of being partisan, the Harper government’s nasty and sustained attacks on independent public officials are unmatched in Canada. But would other democracies find this behaviour bizarre?(Ottawa Citizen)

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