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Just read…despite a few points of concern I agree with assessment. You cannot separate education from our culture like it was car sales or banking. If fidgety boys grow up to earn more money than female equals, that’s a social construct or bias that needs discussion not bashing schools more because boys achieve lower than girls. Boys are struggling today because of many things not just school. Absent fathers, absent positive role models, healthy childhood, …. On and on…
How do we develop stronger citizens? Forget gender. We need social conversations and progressives changes broadly not just singularly expect public education to solve everything. We don’t expect doctors to fix our finances, pay scale, or unemployment why expect teachers to?

By Soraya Chemaly

A new comprehensive international study shows that girls have outperformed boys academically for 100 years. The question is: SO WHAT?

Higher academic achievement has not made a substantive dent in the fact that fidgety boys grow up to be fidgety men who dominate every sector of the public sphere. Girls’ higher academic achievement in the United States has not resulted in the dismantling of institutional biases or cultural norms that favor men in the workplace and economy. Men continue to earn more, accrue more wealth within their peer groups, and be the vast majority of political leaders, religious leaders, and corporate executives in every industry. Now, these might not be the markers of success we should be measuring, but they still are the ones we count. Instead of asking hard questions about socialization and why girls’ academic performance has not resulted in a shift in power, we are still talking about a “boy crisis” in education.

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