I know bull when I hear it…


I know what is bullshit… Huge McDonalds Corp needing giant Canada’s New Government to resist hiring little unemployed Canadians and hire Filipinos, with a taxpayer subsidy, then essentially circumvent their human rights like it’s ok. BULLSHIT is hiring 4000 unskilled workers on a government sanctioned scam and then reaching 44000 foreign workers, all during a huge global economic recession where Canadians were breaking unemployment records. Bullshit is thinking that McDonalds workers need to be foreigners because they work harder. How about being a corporate leader and ensuring your workplace conditions, wages and practices honour any worker in such a way that Canadians would scramble for an employment application. Whether the Government of Canada’s response to this worker controversy is fair is mute ( we all know Feb Press Bulletins are window dressing) McDonalds’ CEO profanity against the hand that feeds it (Conservatives) has a laughable bad smell!



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