Government attacking Sheila Fraser is joke- Fair Elections Act

HARPER CONSERVATIVES HAVE LOST IT- throwing all credibility aside and bullying their idealogical or perhaps sinister agenda onto Canadian landscape?
There are several major concerns in the new Elections bill. Disenfranchising the poor because they not have an address is simply manipulative and arrogant trend of Harper’s Conservative tenure. Removing the right of the commission to investigate as a neutral and arms length agency is essentially fascist. Disregard or disrespect of agencies like the Courts or Commissions pollutes the role of the legislature and stains the integrity of the Government of Canada as a world exemplar of civility. This ‘quiet’ radical agenda before Harper’s reign ends is a blatant right wing tactic to retain power. Smearing Shiela Fraser is a disgusting sign of Conservative arrogance and cynicism. Shoving laws through without any public, or parliamentary support! Harper needs to go. Canada cannot wait!
“Fraser admits she has a financial relationship with Elections Canada. The agency opposes several parts of the proposed bill, including the removal of its investigative role and the elimination of vouching — when a voter with valid identification vouches for another without proper ID.(Sun) ….

From Al Smith – @literateowl


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