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Fascinating if reactionary. I think it’s time we hear viewpoints that rant against left or right extremists and finance oligarchs. War and chaos is the alternative- what would you prefer? -Al Smith

“Everytime history repeats itself, the price goes up!”

Margaret Atwood author
“Instead of thinking that nature is this huge bank that we can just, this endless credit card that we can just keep drawing on, we have to think about the finite nature of that planet and how to keep it alive so that we too may remain alive. Unless we conserve the planet, there isn’t going to be any “the economy”.”


Michael Hudson economic historian / former Wall Street economist
“Progress has meant: ”You will never get back what we take from you”. That’s what brought on the Dark Ages and that’s what’s threateting to bring in the Dark Ages again.”

From Al Smith – @literateowl


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