Book Review- The Picture of Dorian Gray


Title: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

Release Year: 1890

Reviewed by: The Bookwyrm                                                     Review Date: March 7, 2014

Type of Book/Film: Fiction, Period/Historical


Synopsis: The Picture of Dorian Gray is a Gothic Classic published in 1890. It follows the life of Dorian, a handsome, charismatic young man, who when realizing the futility of time, wishes his portrait would age and bear the marks of his sins instead of him. What follows is a very Faustian affair, as Dorian loses himself in his vanity, selfishness, and hedonism, while his beauty and youth remain. Lord Henry, and his persuasive world view only drive Dorian deeper into his new life of depravity, and the artist Basil despairs over what has become of his old friend. His narcissism eventually drives Dorian to depths from which he can never escape, and the consequences are dire.

Setting: The book is set in…

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