Parents, forget the online bogeyman – Opinion – The Boston Globe

I had to nod in agreement with Dana Boyd’s column warning us of our reactive and even paranoia toward the internet rather than teach from common sense and facts. Like her, she sees our culture over reach child protection out of fear of the evil shadows not fact. Our streets are not overwrought with predators like the Walking Dead. We think ‘better safe than sorry’ but what is the cost of social paranoia or Marshall law? Policy and practice should be designed not just reacted upon from the latest headline or newscast.

We are both afraid of and afraid for teenagers. We fear the trouble that they’ll get into and the people who will hurt them. This fear shapes our parenting, our educational structures, and our public policy. Old anxieties about public parks and malls have become modernized as the mere mention of teens’ engagement with technology prompts heart palpitations. Yet where does this fear get us?(Boyd , boston Globe)

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