IPhone scan app, Google Drive, EasyBib and Ross King

What I’m I rambling about now?! Goo-Apple revolution continues to shock me little innovation at a time. Now Google Drive has auto OCR! Librarians, You know where I am heading right?

cRoss King deftly stitches modem Michelangelo scholarship into

his fluent

and gripping narrative.. The resultis-_ai delightful book that overturns many legends.’


In 1508, Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The thirty-three year-old Michelangelo had very little experience of the physically and technically taxing art of fresco; and, at twelve thousand square feet, the ceiling represented one of the largest such projects ever attempted. Nevertheless, for the…(King)

When I’m sharing or reviewing books, I sometimes take photos of books rather than save images from my book seller. Today I used ( accidently ) Scanner Pro app on my phone instead of my camera. I exported the color image to Google Drive thinking I had my back cover shot. Well then… GDrive opted to OCR (optical character read ) scan the item as it uploaded. Ok, fine… I relented. In the time it takes to microwave your coffee, Google had converted my image into plain text. Voila. The figure above, without spell check is what I received including the photo image.

Now you laymen out there think this is just another nuisance but to educators and especially librarians, this is a curating, information technology, bibliographic,  coup d’etat! Add in the tools like EasyBib’s citation app and you can investigate, curate and publish your inquiry process all from your phone! You scan the book’s barcode or type the ISBN and EasyBib using WorldCat, scours records to find you book’s bibliographic notes.


Now, as a book reviewer or for the new ‘social reading’ environment, one doesn’t need an ebook to share notes. Just zap your page with your phone but don’t forget to cite the poor author’s work. It’s why we are are reading in the first place – remember!



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