Revolution on HBO, A must watch doc.

Sadly our nations leaders can still not find their common sense to take action against environmental degradation and over onusmption. Malthusian theory focused on overpopulation but our disregard by corporate greed and lack of governance could not have been anticipated. If the planet’s people were to live like us, in the west, we would need 6 earths. Clearly that indicates we our not just unfair but over consuming. Projects like the tar sands are so destructive and dirty that it shames Canada. We should leave the oil in the sand and make a statement for a smarter future. Sooner or later we need to close the carbon dependency gap.



As outlined in the HBO film Revolution… Unleash solutions… Watch the documentary!
Elect a better government, get involved, consume less…

All living creatures share the same atmosphere. Therefore, climate change mya be deemed the only truly global phenomenon, equally affecting developing and developed nations. The effects of the progressive warming of the Earth have the potential to adversely affect adequate energy supply, causing changes in goods and services distribution and consumption. Hence, the important risk posed by climate change to current production systems and to the quality of life of the world´s population.

The fight against climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in this century. And although today everyone recognizes the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the measures aimed at achieving these goals are still not in place due to more ambitious commitments on mitigation, technology transfer and financing.(COP16)

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