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2013 Stats Report by WP- interesting…

My quick infographic…

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PLN Homework…give it your best 11

Well I logged on to twitter to find I had a homework assignment. This one is kind of interesting though. @nsearcy17 invited me and she is so convincing… But charming so I’ll relent. The idea (which originally came from Cale … Continue reading

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Stephen King in homo sapien – he kills me! I double dare ya!

Stephen King kills me! Drive a stake through media’s anemic literary heart! I just revisited his quote from a Cell press conference interview where he rails against man’s civility. 😉 He makes sense and often uses idioms and even profanity. … Continue reading

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Undoing the Damage to Salmon Habitats In Washington State, the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) is leading the charge for salmon habitat restoration. Recently, they awarded over a million dollars in grants to tribal partners for salmon habitat restoration projects. – See more at:

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The crime before the pipeline…

Pipelines are a necessary evil of the LAST century. It’s time to get off our carbon dependent rat race. It’s just time to clean up our only home. Like a cleansing diet and a good run is a reawakening for … Continue reading

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Revolution on HBO, A must watch doc.

Sadly our nations leaders can still not find their common sense to take action against environmental degradation and over onusmption. Malthusian theory focused on overpopulation but our disregard by corporate greed and lack of governance could not have been anticipated. … Continue reading

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‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate . Have it on your PVR.

‘Silence of the LABS’ -CBC Fifth Estate .  Have it on your PVR?  Massive deregulation isn’t cost saving. It is massive disregard for governance. If not supervision and R&D of infrastructure and institutional systems that civility requires then why have … Continue reading

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