Rate My Hospital: Kelowna General Hospital – CBC News


Type of hospital: Large Community Number of patients: 21,203 Average length of stay: 6.66 days C. difficile infections: 8.5 MRSA infections: 2.8 ER wait time: Not available Single-bed rooms: Unknown Care provided by registered nurses: Unknown Use of electronic medical records: Unknown Interpreter services: Unknown Death rate: 85 (100 is the norm)

In addition to providing 24-hour emergency care, general surgery and medicine, the hospital offers a variety of specialty services, including ones for those with acute HIV/AIDS or severe mental illness. Among the facility’s other offerings: an addictions team, pediatric oncology and surgery, plastic surgery and an Aboriginal Patient Navigator Service to help ensure culturally appropriate care.

This hospital reports more deaths after major surgery than an average hospital of the same size. This indicator measures the number of patients per 1,000 who die in hospital within five days of major surgery. It includes operations that take longer than two hours and usually require a general anesthetic, such as hip replacements and heart bypass surgery. I SUSPECT THIS IS BECAUSE KELOWNA IS A HUGE RETIREMENT CENTRE AND MANY PATIENTS ARE LIKELY ELDERLY.

I am a bit concerned that many criteria has data ‘unknown’. Whether KGH was forthcoming with data could be problematic for me.


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