Dad shattered over death of Rehtaeh Parsons -Fathers against rape.

“She died struggling to live, much as she spent the last 18 months,” he wrote. “We went to counselling together. Sometimes I was the driver, sometimes the father, sometimes the counsellor.”(CBCNEWS)

Despite a year of therapy and loving parents, a teen still couldn’t conquer her pain of sexual assault. When will we really wake up as people and recognize the tragedy and severity of rape on our nations. It isn’t a movie. Girls, women, daughters, mothers, all suffer from assaults. It real. Stop rape. How teens, especially girls, bully victims of rape is as painful as the rape itself. It is cruel reopen ing of wounds. Don’t these girls have any empathy? Don’t they think it could happen to them- today? Don’t parents understand that sexual assault and bullying are related? Our kids are learning violence. The rapist is unknowingly a victim too. Boys and men who assault will suffer shame and guilt for their violence. They will not be strong leaders, husbands or fathers. Bystanders, who take no action, or passively ignore the truth, help maintain this tragedy. Step up and object. Act- and defend the rights of a victim. Make bullies and bystanders accountable.

Our parents and schools are afraid to address serious topics square on. We are too “politically correct” and lack courage to face our obligation as parents and community leaders. Our children are being assaulted routinely and we are choosing to not see the elephant in our own room. Trust me. I know. Rape is a very tragic reality confronting our youth. All the great education and hope for the future is vanquished the moment a rape occurs. Pain grows the moment a bully uses a victims pain as a shield for their own cowardliness.

STOP RAPE… And bullying will fall too!

(VancouverSun, Facebook handout)

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