Infant mortality drops with breast feeding …

A major way to cut infant mortality around the world? Let mothers breastfeed. Seriously? The food industry is in fact a hurdle not a saviour. Encouraging nations, companies and mothers to breast feed newborns just makes sense. Ironic isn’t it? Having to promote a fundamental human experience like breast feeding, in order to save lives, indicates again that blindly supporting big business and big technology isn’t always wise.

The fact is commercially made baby formula, being used almost exclusively in poor regions of our planet , is a horrible substitute for a healthy mother’s own breast milk. By promoting breast milk as a “superfood” babies need in the first hours of their lives, many infant deaths can be prevented.
A recent report from Save the Children, on breastfeeding, indicating that the first breast milk is a “superfood” that could save the lives of up to 830,000 infants.

20130329-084309.jpgSuperfood Report

In the last two decades there has been great progress at the global level in reducing child mortality. Five million fewer children died in 2011 than in 1990, and we are now reaching a tipping point where preventable child deaths could be eradicated in our lifetime.




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  1. Cicely says:

    Hi Al,
    Thanks so much for posting about our report! If your readers are interested we also have a call to action on our website. We will be presenting petitions at the upcoming AGMs of both Nestle and Danone, calling on them to abide by the code and to go further than the code. To put babies lives ahead of profits. If people would like to sign, they can find the petition here:

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