Breaking News: Former Atlanta Superintendent Indicted

We have issues in BC public education, like tearing up teacher contracts but a strong tradition of professional integrity, locally elected governance and socially valued schools has prevented this kind of corporate atrocity in education. Also read… Corruption, cheating, political campaign payoffs…doesn’t happen in BC- yet.

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A report in the New York Times says that Dr. Beverly L. Hall was indicted by a grand jury for her role in the Atlanta cheating scandal.

The story says, in part:

“Investigators laid blame for the biggest standardized-test cheating scandal in the country’s history on the superintendent, Dr. Hall, who led the 50,000-student school system from 1999 until her resignation in 2011. Dr. Hall, who was hailed as National Superintendent of the Year in 2009 for her role in making Atlanta’s once-failing urban school district a model of improvement, had “emphasized test results and public praise to the exclusion of integrity and ethics,” the report said.

“The report asserted that Dr. Hall, while not tied directly to cheating or the direct target of a subpoena, tried to contain damaging information and did not do enough to investigate allegations, especially after 2005 when “clear and significant” warnings were raised. As…

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