What’s Wrong with Everest

Alan Arnette hosts the blog for ‘Climbing the World to End Alzheimer’s’

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Could agree more Mr. Arnette… Another example of greedy enterprise and inadequate governmental oversight. When governments forego controls and standards , market zeal will bring losses. In the Everest obsession- death. We have more controls in place for buying light bulbs. Canada and other mountaineering nations should put more diplomatic pressure on the issuing of visas for Everest. Companies need to be forced to apply sensible safety standards are guaranteed.

After causing the 2012 death of a Canadian woman( a fool hardy expedition at best) Utmost Adventures claims ‘unrivalled ‘ safety records! Absurd. Fraudulent.

“..Safety is paramount during the course of an expedition, and Utmost Adventure prides itself on its unrivalled safety records. Reaching the summit is one thing, but returning safely is much more important. The Utmost adventure infrastructure is designed to help achieve a good safety record, but this does not mean that accidents cannot occur, Members should be mindful of this. It is important that Members consult, take advice, and act on the advice given by Guides, Sherpas and Staff. Comfort at Base Camp, high sanitation standards, good quality food, reliable radio communications, weather forecasting and Staff training are all obscure but relevant to Members’ safety.”(Utmostadventure.com)

Trekking toward base camp


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  1. davidhain says:

    Safety is an important issue that everyone has to make sure about while mountaineering.If possible make some training on any
    Mountaineering school


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