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And I thought I was having a bad day… But then there is the impacts… The odds are increasing …geological events tell us they are far more frequent. So maybe global warming or Wall Street won’t matter much? In the meantime, I like to see a better world while I am still here. My dog barks at the mailman, thunder and hail so maybe she will sense an asteroid? 😉

In fact, the status of the asteroid has changed so much that NASA has chosen the asteroid for mankind’s next giant leap in interplanetary adventure. Their mission, scheduled for 2025, aims to unlock the mysteries of these pieces of rock better than any telescope or robotic probe.

And while scientists have been busy spotting the big rocks, recent research suggests we should actually be more concerned about the smaller, harder to find asteroids. They might not cause global destruction, but the effect of an asteroid exploding in the upper atmosphere could be much worse than first thought.(CBC)

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