Unabomber’s brother on violence and treating mental health – Houston Chronicle

It’s fascinating human story but frequently tragic tale. Repeatedly, mentally ill people, mostly men it appears, explode. Unibomber, Columbine, … fathers, brothers, mothers who still suffer…


In the late 1980′s, my brother Ted Kaczynski, then living in an isolated cabin in Montana, sought mental health treatment. He didn’t know that he had schizophrenia, but he knew that he couldn’t sleep and that he felt incredibly anxious around people. He requested help in a letter to the county mental health service. He was informed by return letter that he had to appear in person at the clinic 60 miles away and that he had to find a way to pay for treatment. Since Ted had no money, and since his paranoia and deep shame made it overwhelmingly difficult for him to apply for welfare benefits, he never received any treatment.” David Kaczynski

Also watch Our America, OWN network. ‘Families if Killers’ w Lisa Ling



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