Yan Roberts: A Love Letter to Harper From the Oil Industry

Yan’s post is a declaration of disgust and frustration in broken governance …


What are we to make that a letter from an oil, gas and pipeline lobby group and addressed to only the Minister of Environment Canada and the Minister of Natural Resources Canada appears to set in motion deep reforms to the relationship the federal government has with our First Nation peoples?

If we let basic protection of our environments, communities or commitments lapse, then it won’t be long before we have to attend the consequences. These will be the kind of consequences without easy remedy. I’ll be honest, I write this with the idea that exposing the scandal here could bring more people into action. But what kind of action?

Let this letter help us all understand the mechanics of lobbying — beyond experiencing its effects on a daily basis. It is positive to see that many Canadians are being encouraged to bypass the limited media coverage of these concerns and go and seek out this information for themselves. Choose one part of these omnibus bills and examine it closely. If you enjoy having healthy streams, rivers and lakes then perhaps start with that aspect.

The Act which previously provided basic protection for our Canadian waters was eliminated and its replacement is called the Navigation Protection Act. Notice first that the word “water” has been removed from the title; that will give you insight into the meat of this Act.

This is a continuation of the Harper government’s abandonment of responsibility to protect water and water habitats. This new acts leaves 99.9 per cent of our rivers and 99.7 per cent of our lakes without basic protection.(Yan Roberts, Huffingonpost.ca)

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