Hacking? no- The Truth about Aaron Swartz’s “Crime” « Unhandled Exception

I just have to rant! Founder of Reddit suicide death….sue he was depressed. Many people suffer from the condition! But…

The fact Aaron Swartz was charged with 35 yrs in prison for what amounts to rudeness- THAT is the crime. Shame on the American government. The same government that gave a pass to dozens of Wall Street billionaires for only frauding the people of billions and triggering a global meltdown. The same government that was sanctioning $millions in bonuses if they promised to not steal more and just be good billionaire boys and girls! WTF! – without jail time or even a public apology! Worst of all? These assholes dine at the Obama White House even now!

For the Government to select out Aaron Swartz as a criminal, when sleeping with the enemy, is just flat out fascist favouritism. Aaron didn’t hack! Or steal or lie even… If he did, it doesn’t add up. Now the guy is dead. Why not chase down gun runners or drug dealers or real terrorists? huh? Thanks but no thanks USA land of the free! I’d move to Burma first!


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  1. YES! I cannot believe it. Just so ridiculous.

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