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Silver and Light – the alchemy of human spirit

Awesome! Inspiring! Every person with a bit of artistic soul will enjoy this mini doc video. His innovation matches his determination. SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist PLUS 9 months ago This project was created with the same … Continue reading

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Fiscal conservative, social liberal- no wonder chaos

This reflects why I see America more and more as a big paradox culture. It explains their social pains, their cultural glories, and their political quagmire. The US has evolved into a nation that wants to be liberal doesn’t want … Continue reading

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Maher new rule- masculinity brave sports guns

Last night, Bill Maher closed the show with a funny but fascinating and maybe poignant monologue. Masculinity, sports, the military, and guns, but I’m particularly interested in his take on why so many males are behaving and feeling irrelevant. ( … Continue reading

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Prof says students can’t identify continents, ya but…

CBC News – Professor says students can’t identify continents on map Also video: Ya but! Ok, I’m not surprised that college students can’t identify continents on map. Yes, maybe it’s worse but before we go nuts, let’s assess. … Continue reading

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Yan Roberts: A Love Letter to Harper From the Oil Industry

Yan’s post is a declaration of disgust and frustration in broken governance … What are we to make that a letter from an oil, gas and pipeline lobby group and addressed to only the Minister of Environment Canada and … Continue reading

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Are you a Learning Commons or converting? LC as sandbox

Response to a BCTLA Forum inquiry…thanks Tracy R GOOD LUCK Big BIG topic…. I thought I would kick some sand. First my general view. I love the learning commons. I also bring my history to the process. I spent my … Continue reading

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