Why Teachers Are Angry and Confused- Ravitch

Why Teachers Are Angry and Confused.

“..As I earlier stated unequivocally, I will vote for Obama, but it won’t be because of his disastrous rightwing education policies. Race to the Top is worse than No Child Left Behind. It takes the assumptions of NCLB (testing will fix everything) and applies them to teachers. Teachers will be fired, schools will be closed, and no problem will be solved.  …..I will vote for Obama because I fear the far-rightwing of the GOP. They will attempt to destroy public education, without delay or apology. And they will do the same to other social programs as well.      With Obama, there is some hope that he might change …   There is some hope that other Democrats will hear the voices of parents and teachers and recognize that Democrats need their own education policies, not those of George W. Bush and Bill Gates………..With Romney, there is none. As his wife proudly boasted, it’s time to “throw out” the public education system…”  

As Ravitch concludes, ” NO IT’S NOT!”


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