Personalized learning fantasy -Ehrcke

Tara has made a strong assessment here… Personalized learning, like individual rights and freedoms can get very messy with public policy matters. Who manages the responsibility side of public good? Common sense? Public costs? Like the arms race or the space race, education can become a run away train with little efficiency or common sense. What should public schooling look like? What things should society not expect schools to teach? Who and how do we pay for it? This is the current thrust as private companies lobby to buy up delivery. Personalization in the 21stC is often secret speak for just privately owned online courses that educate the whole child very little and certainly don’t nurture creativity or critical thinking.

Personalization has a long history in the education field and encompasses a wide range of ideas including mastery learning, self-paced learning, and learning through multiple intelligences. It may involve student choice, student pacing, and even student selected learning objectives. However the term has been appropriated, particularly in the UK, to be more closely affiliated with computer mediated personalized learning. This causes considerable confusion in the 21st Century Learning world, as educators would likely provide a very different definition than technology companies….(

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