While we look for work, Congress to vote- let women die!

I’m feeling nauseous just by reading… Laura Basset, Huffington

Next week the American Congress will vote on the “Protect Life Act.” Nicknamed the “Let Women Die Act,”Read background at HuffingtonPost.

Now I seldom enter the abortion fray because it is a vicious moral circle. It’s been argued enough- maybe not!
This bill would allow federally funded hospitals to deny abortions to women even if not having them would cause them to die. AND Obamacare insurance won’t cover anything; so families will lose a daughter, gain a motherless child no one wanted and then have to pay the invoice! Whose life exactly will this act protect? The one of the mother, who will die because of someone else’s religious views or political squabbling? Or the life of the baby without a mother? A gang killer or career drug dealer who gets dragged in on a gurney the hospital is required to save his life. Where is the Hippocratic oath here? Aren’t Doctors sworn to save all life or try! If pregnant women in dire straits don’t qualify by physician standards, hospital policy or government law, isn’t this just obvious sexism or class warfare? Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine, explained a theory that multinationals and governments, or both, have used disasters to implement policy or revamp social contracts they cannot change through democracy. ‘disaster capitalism’. Iraq, Chili, Thailand, Patriot Act, etc. Seattle has to tender contracts for park maintenance but DC could unilaterally make Halliburton shareholders millionaires overnight with a stroke of a pen. The fixation on recession, Greece, and now Occupy Wall Street movement, means while no one is looking Congress will essentially supersede Obama policy and oppress the rights of women. Who is pushing this legislation that strips away decades of a social compromise that allowed abortions for all women at risk? Who?


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